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Quinnipiac Assignment #6 – Social Listening

Social Listening

Social Listening

Quinnipiac Assignment #6 (Social Media Platforms) was all about social listening. So, what better thing to listen to than a rock band looking to hit it big?

Social listening is, essentially, the act of getting onto various social media platforms and just getting the lay of the land, as it were. I think that most people are inclined to just jump into the deep end. The problem with that sort of behavior is that it has no strategy behind it whatsoever. Furthermore, it is a way to commit all sorts of social (media) gaffes.

The truth is, when I first got into Twitter, Facebook, and blogging, I jumped in completely and utterly without thinking. In retrospect, that was rather foolish and impulsive. These days, I spend some time in the attempt to correct and repair some of the damage that that sort of non-strategy did to my online social media reputation.

This is not to say that things are so awful online. Not by any stretch of the imagination – the real problem is that I cannot seem to be able to take things to the next level. Hence, beyond attaining Social Media Certification (and possibly getting my Masters’ Degree in Communications with a Social Media concentration), I also want to learn how to handle myself better on social media. I probably have forums covered. But I could certainly use some help with Twitter and the like.

I had also never really gotten the hang of Google+.  Like a lot of people, the idea of dealing with yet another social network not only mystified me, it downright annoyed me. But social listening helped to get me to realize that there is a purpose to Google+ and that it is a different one from Facebook.

Oh, and here’s Rock ‘n Roll Predator by J-Krak (with much better sound than what I played in my video) –

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Quinnipiac Social Media Class

Quinnipiac Assignment #5 – Viral Videos

Viral Videos

Quinnipiac Assignment #5 – Viral Videos

Quinnipiac Assignment #5 of my Social Media Platforms class was all about viral videos. I therefore chose to discuss Gotye and Kimbra‘s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and burtonearny’s “Llama Llama Duck”.

Both of these songs are, I suppose, classics in their own unique ways. Okay, maybe “Llama Llama Duck” isn’t so much a classic as it is a synonym for annoyance. A llama‘s back’s worth of annoyance.

Some Social Media That I Used to Know

I probably listened to Somebody That I Used to Know more than a human being should ever be required to.  It is a terrific song, and the video is extraordinarily artistic and well done, but by the end of the assignment I had more or less had it. But at least it was better than the llamas.

Here’s a Llama, There’s a Llama

Yes, I also researched the origins of Llama Llama Duck. It first emerged from the primordial ooze on Deviant Art, assuming that my research is at all correct. The song still gets a ton of likes and comments there, and it is several years old. It is a phenomenon with staying power, for some strange reason or another. Possibly it is because, like with Rick Rolling, it is a way to prank your friends.

That is assuming that they remain your friends after you have sent them the ten hour version (yes, it really does exist, God help us all) of the song.

Oh, Social Media! I’m Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick Astley live in Chile
Rick Astley live in Chile (Photo credit: Alisson_Gothz_Parties)

Plus there was even a very special surprise appearance by this guy in my video.

Because every class video should be Rick Rolled.

This was another fun assignment. My professor seemed to agree, as I received a rather sweet grade for it.


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Quinnipiac Assignment #4 – Ad Astra Community

Ad Astra Community

The logo of STARFLEET International, the large...
The logo of STARFLEET International, the largest Star Trek Fan Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quinnipiac Assignment #4 of my Social Media Platforms class was about communities. I chose to talk about Ad Astra, which is a Star Trek fan fiction writers’ community.

This video is about Ad Astra, of course, but it is more specifically about three separate personae. One is embodied by a member who goes by the user ID of trekfan. He is a writer and has a number of works on the site. He is an active Creator of content.

Another embodiment of the next persona is a member who goes by the user ID of Miranda Fave. He is a Critic. While he is also a writer (and, therefore, is also an active Creator of content), he is also the most prolific critic on this Star trek fan fiction writing site.

The third persona, an Inactive, was a member with the user ID of Hawku. I have seen this person elsewhere, and he is far more of a visual artist than a writer, hence he is more active elsewhere in the Star Trek fandom. Curiously enough, after I had posted this video, Hawku returned and added more content to Ad Astra. Was that because of my video? I do not think so. I suspect it was just a happy coincidence.

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Quinnipiac Social Media Class

Quinnipiac Assignment #3 – Facebook Network

Quinnipiac Assignment #3 – Facebook Network

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The third assignment that I turned in for Quinnipiac University‘s Social Media Platforms class (Quinnipiac Assignment #3) was a mapping out of my personal network, and for that I used Facebook as the initial jumping-off point. This network shows four quadrants and it also includes eight more or less generic sub communities within my overall online network.  This was a rather detailed image, and it even included other platforms, such as LinkedIn, and forums, like Ad Astra and Able2Know, which is where I am already a volunteer community manager. However, for the purposes of Quinnipiac Assignment #3 in Social Media Platforms, I wanted to narrow my focus considerably, in order to make it all a lot clearer to the viewer. This, I decided, was going to just be an exploration of my Facebook Network.

Below is the video that I recorded for this particular assignment. I am also including the PowerPoint presentation I created to accompany this assignment. Clicking on the link will begin the downloading process.

Quinnipiac Assignment #3 - facebook network

Module3-Mapping Out My Network

I highlighted four separate people in my network: Terry Lynn Shull, Geri Wendell, Robert Gentel, and Kathy Sferra.

Without any further ado, here is: Quinnipiac Assignment #3 – Facebook Network:

As always, this assignment really made me stretch and think outside of the proverbial box.

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