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Getting inspiration from politics

Getting inspiration from politics

Politics comes with built-in drama. Because competitions for high and low offices can be truly thrilling. And long-term friendships can sometimes end over this often forbidden topic.

Right (American definition)

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Do you ever get inspiration from politics?

So consider the conservative point of view, and what it truly entails. Go beyond the basics of voting. What is a basic, core conservative philosophy? It is generally one of caution. And another aspect concerns keeping government small.

Left (American definition)

And on the other hand, for liberal, the point of view centers around moving ahead and trying new things. Hence these are essentially first adopters in a lot of ways. In addition, a leftist viewpoint (as defined in American politics, that is) connotes larger government but often more personal freedom.


What happens at the top of the ticket? And that doesn’t have to just be in America. What about in other countries? How are leaders chosen – and who do they end up beholden to when elected? Top candidacies get a lot of press, and national leaders have nearly no time to themselves. Even bad leaders can be inundated with work. These are undoubtedly extremely stressful jobs, no matter the size of the country or the type of government.


And what happens in the lower tiers of the ticket? Races for alderman and county clerk and even dog catcher might have some drama. Maybe they showcase rising political stars and foreshadow things to come. Furthermore, races for district attorney and for judge (in jurisdictions where either or both of these roles are not appointed) can have their own drama. Does the law and order candidate win? Not every time.


When putting together your own stories, think about how we (and other nations) choose our leaders. Democracy isn’t the only choice out there. Maybe your characters do something different, from voting to terms to how they treat incumbency to any of a host of other possibilities. And who knows? Your invented way may turn out to be better.

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