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Do not infer or imply representation. If you've got a copyright issue, and you're defending, or you think you should bring a lawsuit, I urge you to get legal representation as soon as possible.
Bechdel test
After all, when was the last time you thought a male character should only be discussing relationships? When was the last time you thought he shouldn't have a name (unless the character is truly minor, seen for a paragraph or two and no more)? And when was the last time you thought it was okay—barring any specific all-distaff settings like sororities or women's colleges—to not see more than one of them in a piece?
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I've gotten and given gift certificates. And if your work makes it to publication, send them a signed copy. For free.
Adrian Brody, who I see as Lex Feldman
Consider Lex Feldman, One of My Original Characters Who is Lex Feldman? Lex Feldman is a kind […]
Steven Culp, who I see as Tommy 2000 AKA Tommy McFarland
For Tommy to really be a mature creation, he needs complex emotions. With Dave, he feels jealousy. As Peri puts it, he's supposed to be like a loyal dog. But he doesn't like it when she plays with other dogs. He never gets violent or anything. But Tommy is clearly wounded and he is short with Peri when she tries to talk to him about it.
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Does one page on your site have a far higher Bounce Rate than the others? Check it and see if the links on it are all leading users away from your site. If that's not the culprit, perhaps its content isn't compelling enough.
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Facebook won't answer 99%+ of any questions you have for them. Why? Because they are running an enormous site with a surprisingly tiny number of employees. Hence many of the judgement calls come from bots.
Peter Capaldi, who I see as Devon Grace
Devon loves children and sees an injustice in how Ellen and Richard are treated by most people. He proposes marriage to fix that, but also for his own purposes. If he can convince the authorities that he's a changed man (which we would just see as him being forced even further into the closet), he can go back to Scotland to live. At first, Ellen is afraid he's in love with her but she doesn't feel the same way about her. But they come to an understanding.
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Understanding the people you tweet with is, of course, a great way to determine if offsite connections are going to be worth it. After all, offsite connections that are hundreds of miles away are not likely to be easy, cheap, or even possible.
Chris Cooper, who I see as Craig Firenze
When Craig and Nell start off, they get off on the wrong foot. Nell and Dez abandon the others to follow childish pursuits. This leaves Craig and Mei-Lin lost in Brighton. Dez leaves Elise and Noah when they're foraging for food. Nell takes a nap and Dez does ollies on his skateboard. Craig reads them both the Riot Act. But Nell warms up to him, and comes to realize that he is pretty much the only person standing between the group and utter starvation and despair. The no-nonsense middle manager gets things done.