Janet Gershen-Siegel's writing, Untrustworthy
Supporting Indie Authors Supporting Indie Authors – do you do it? I am published, and one issue that […]
The Resurrection of Ditte Adventures in Career Changing
A Look at The Resurrection of Ditte The Resurrection of Ditte came to me in a rush. […]
Self-Review This is My Child Adventures in Career Changing-collaboration Darkness into Light
In some future time on Earth, we become allies with a dying sentient species. So in order to help save their race, human women volunteer to become surrogate mothers.
What the Hell Did Adverbs Ever Do to You, Steve?
The Enigman Cave Marnie Shapiro
“Remember where you were, remember what you were thinking and, and how you felt,” Marnie said to them. “Because this is goddamned history.”
Self-Review - Almost Shipwrecked Adventures in Career Changing
Review – Almost Shipwrecked This story is one of those I desperately want to read with a […]
All My Aliens Self-Review Adventures in Career Changing-props Nothing Good Ever Happens at 3 AM
Review – Props Props was written as a part of an anthology benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association – […]
The Weird World of Being Published Published? I suppose, in the back of my mind, when I […]
Surprises 42 and Beyond Self-Review Adventures in Career Changing
Review – Surprises Surprises was one of those weird little stories which I did not expect to […]
Self-Review - The Interview Adventures in Career Changing - Clay Shirky
"So, how long have you wanted to hunt demons?"