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Never, ever use the word 'by' unless you are referring to an 'edited by' line. Otherwise, just use your name as the author name. Don't believe me? Go to a bookstore or Amazon and look at what's out there.
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Just because you can right-click an image or take a screenshot does not mean you have the right to just take it. And do not get me started on wiping off someone else's photographic watermark. Just don't do it. Don't be a jerk.
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A crash course in copyright law, part 3 (exceptions) What are some exceptions to copyright infringement cases? […]
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If you think your work might be infringed upon, if you feel it is a danger and you are concerned about it, then get some peace of mind and register it with the US Copyright Office.
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Do not infer or imply representation. If you've got a copyright issue, and you're defending, or you think you should bring a lawsuit, I urge you to get legal representation as soon as possible.
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Do you give out swag? Writers want to make money, yes. But often, you need to spend some to make some. That's where swag comes into play.
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It’s Time for Working With a Cover Artist, Part 2 There is more to the engaging of […]
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Let’s Look at Working With a Cover Artist Have you ever worked with a cover artist? It […]