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And as writers, we might aspire to everyone loving us, and buying our works or at least reading them or, at minimum, being aware of them.
Janet Gershen-Siegel's writing, Untrustworthy
Supporting Indie Authors Supporting Indie Authors – do you do it? I am published, and one issue that […]
Twitter, Social Media and Professionalism Professionalism? This post riffs on Be careful who you hire to manage […]
… And Facebook for All — Company Pages Company pages have become spots you put together on Facebook […]
Losing Control – Fear of Social Media Losing control online? Way back when, back when dinosaurs roamed […]
CLUMPS of SEO Huh? CLUMPS is an ugly acronym and I apologize profusely for that. But if you […]
The ideal number of characters in a LinkedIn status update is 50-100.
Like something? Then hit like! Don't like it? Then either scroll past it or click to hide it, or even report it as spam or as being threatening.
More Community Management ideas, tips and tricks. This time it's about leaving the main topic behind.
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Why your network on LinkedIn is so important.