Inspiration from the Military Adventures in Career Changing
Every war has soldiers who get sick of the fighting and just plain go AWOL. Changing sides and betraying your country can be great fodder for drama, as can the reaction of the folks back home.
Snowflake Novel Outlining Method Revisited Snowflake is but one method for outlining a novel. It’s not the […]
NaNoWriMo Adventures in Career Changing chapter length
Writing a novel in November, or during the NaNoWriMo Camp months of April and July? Here are some basic tips to keep your sanity – and your word count going up.
NaNoWriMo Adventures in Career Changing chapter length
I've often heard that, to succeed, you need to visualize success. But I don't do that. Rather, I visualize failure. And then I do everything in my power to avert and avoid catastrophe.
The Badge of Humanity
When I first started to write The Obolonk Murders, I had no plan and no idea it would turn into three books. At this point, I knew I really needed to finish up already. One thing Untrustworthy has proven, over and over again, is the value of an outline.
Review – The Polymer Beat The Polymer Beat moves the Obolonk action toward not just the robots […]
The Obolonk Murders
In the meantime, the best thing about the Obolonks is the world building. It is potentially the best-built world I have ever created. Hence the sequels. There's plenty of room in this universe.
Teasers and Teasing Third Quarter 2021
So currently, my intention, for this year’s NaNoWriMo, is that I am writing the third novel in the Time Addicts/Obolonks universe. But I need to iron out the plot! So a lot of this year has been spent on that. I am calling this one Time Addicts – Everything is Up for Grabs.
editing part 2 - How to Edit a Manuscript
This method of how to edit a manuscript can work for either plotters or pantsers. And it can even work for folks in the middle, just like me: plantsers.
The Real Heart of the Universe Adventures in Career Changing Killing Us Softly
When we finally get a signal from SETI, it's from the Callade. And they are so friendly we let our collective guard down quickly. And that's when things start to go downhill. Fast.