the last patient
I would have liked to have shown him works like Untrustworthy. I think he would have been happy for me.
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No good soap opera would ever be complete without a dramatic scene with a slap. No good story about celebrities would ever be complete without some crazed fan screaming about having her idol's baby. And no good science fiction yarn would ever be complete without something with tentacles.
Dealing With Rejection Rejection stinks. There’s no two ways about it. Here are three things you can […]
Hence the idea is to consider dependencies. I also will use a kind of (it's not the official 'snowflake method') starburst method where I will take a legal pad and write a major character's name (or what the character is if I don't have a name yet, e. g. the cab driver) and circle it. Just write it in the middle of the sheet.
Adventures in Career Changing | Janet Gershen-Siegel | There is a Road
Review – There is a Road There is a Road originally came about as a response to […]
Getting inspiration from injuries and medical care fourth quarter 2020 Elise Jeffries
Progress Report –Fourth Quarter 2020 How was fourth quarter 2020 for writing? So I spent fourth quarter […]
Are You Having Happy Holidays? Well, happy holidays from me! So thanks to the fine folks at […]
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Getting Inspiration From Aging Aging happens to all of us, even if we die young. And much […]
Beta Readers and editors Consider beta readers and editors – what’s the difference? Does it matter which […]
Background – Starting a Piece Starting can be fraught with stress and worry. You can, at times, […]