Color Theory Videos

What is it about videos, which makes learning so much easier?

In this series of videos, I tackle color theory. As a person who sometimes does not seem to see colors well, or get how design works, I have found studying theory to be a much more productive exercise than an artist simply telling me, “It just works!”

But how?

I hope my dive into color theory helps you, too!

Color Theory

Color Theory – Red

The color of lipstick and blood, red has more personal associations than any other color.

Color Theory – Pink

Red’s lighter cousin wasn’t always synonymous with femininity.

Color Theory – Orange

How can you have Halloween without orange?

Color Theory – Yellow

Sunshine and lemons!

Color Theory – Green

Green goes beyond ecology and the environment. But most of probably can’t think of plants without thinking of at least some green.

Color Theory – Gold

Gold has connotations of wealth, scarcity, and status. It can also have a sports vibe.

Color Theory – Silver

Beyond second place in sports, silver means family fortunes.

Color Theory – Copper

Most people wrap their feelings about copper together with their feelings about bronze. Small wonder, as bronze is mostly composed of copper. Copper can feel like roofs or pennies or cookware. Bronze is of course third place in games.

Color Theory – Blue

For a lot of people, blue is their favorite color. Whether it’s the idea of sea and sky, or the emotional connection many of us have with blue jeans remains to be seen. But blue and the blues also mean depression. And they can even have an erotic connotation.

Color Theory – Purple/Violet

Royal purple adds a flamboyance to nearly anything.

Color Theory – Brown/Tan

Brown and tan describe human skin tones better than nearly any other adjectives. They are the basis of description. Ditch the food and wood metaphors!

Color Theory – Black

Chic, slimming black can also make people think of death. What do you see when you gaze into the void?

Color Theory – Gray

The essence of compromise, gray can feel dull and drab, but also soft or even powerful.

Color Theory – White

In western cultures, we often think of brides. But white can also mean mourning and death in some cultures, mimicking the pallor of a corpse.

More to come!