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Sunday Sunday Sunday

Whither Sunday?

Beyond this Sunday and many others, I finally figured out how to write a good blog post. But this, written a good twelve plus years ago, was not one of them. So, let’s look at this 2010 blog post, with the eyes of 2023 and beyond.

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear?

I suppose this blog is going to encompass not only my job search/career change efforts but also talk a bit about the development of the site in general.

I’m finally getting my act in gear in terms of uniformity and a vision.

Now, you might say to yourself, what’s this “finally” business? After all, haven’t you been open for less than a week?

Too true, but I like to be organized, and it’s obvious that, with a website, you need to be organized from the get-go.

Hence now I’ve got three (yay!) uniform pages. The resume is going to take more work as it’s such a different format from the other stuff.

I’m also going to, at some point, do some painting. I want to make my own background, my own button(s) and my own logo. I am not a great painter by any means, but it’s something I enjoy doing. Plus, ha! There’s no issues with copyright. I gotta figure I own my own watercolors.

Today we’re (I’m a married-type person) off to a Celtics game. Go green dudes!

And There You Have It…

A thousand (?) Sundays later, it is obvious that this post was so not what I was going for. And, of course, it still is not.

But I think it can prove to be a bit instructional. See, here’s where I think it’s useful.

Know What You Should Not Be Doing

If you don’t know what you should do, at least try to know what you should not be doing.

Now, keep in mind, this was an era when the proportion of blogs skewed a lot more heavily in the direction of personal and confessional. But these days, over a decade later, blogs are a tool of the corporate world. Of course, there are plenty of personal blogs. Hell, you’re reading one right now!

But since the proportion skewed toward confessional, I probably thought it was a good idea. Or at least an acceptable one.

Thank goodness I know better now!