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Last year, it was Terry Pratchett. But this year it was Gene Wilder. And now we have also learned Terry Jones of Monty Python is afflicted. Because this disease shows no mercy. As much as we love these entertainers (and Jones is a medieval studies scholar), Alzheimer's just plain does not care. But we do.
published band writing
Review – The Boy in the Band The Boy in the Band came about because I wanted […]
published band writing
I bet it'll look different. I bet it'll be edited. I bet all sorts of stuff will change – if it's accepted anywhere.
Adventures in Career Changing | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Personal Writing Process zen in the art of writing plotting
The term 'pantsing' refers to flying by the seat of your pants. So essentially you write with very little idea of plot or structure. And the intention is to fix it later. For the most part, I write shorter stories this way. However, they might be part of a larger overall story arc. Hence the actual writing might end up a tad haphazard but the scene or scenes fit into a greater whole, which has been planned.
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What are the names of your fictitious characters? How do you choose them? Do they come to you, or do you play it by ear, perhaps literally?
Hesitation Generation - job seeking
What do I Mean by Hesitation Generation? So, the Hesitation Generation. So as I travel around the […]
What's private online any more? What's not? Where should lines be drawn?
Janet-Gershen-Siegel-Adventures-in-Career-Changing-Reinvention - freshening up
In Which I Turn Myself Inside Out With Reinvention Reinvention for fun and, hopefully, some profit? Moving […]
Adventures in Career Changing | Green
The Lonely Writer Are you a Lonely Writer? Independent writers can sometimes be rather lonely indeed. You can […]
Complex Evil Characters and character reviews webtekpro
Work at WebTekPro I was hired by WebTekPro, a Houston web design company in December of 2014. […]