If you don't spend time planning, you'll spend it writing. And if you don't spend time writing, you'll spend it editing. If you don't spend time editing, then packaging becomes enormous and takes longer. If you don't work on packaging and spend time on it, then querying will take longer, because you'll be faced with more rejections. And finally, if you don't spend time querying, and just take what you can get (and that includes self-publishing—no slam on it, but it is something we do without spending any time on querying), then you will spend that time on marketing.
CLUMPS of SEO Huh? CLUMPS is an ugly acronym and I apologize profusely for that. But if you […]
Dominate Google and get noticed. Michael Fleischner shows you how.
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Quinnipiac Assignment #09 – Semantic Search For the ninth week of class, we talked about semantic search, […]
This week's assignment was to either write an essay or record a video about a problem that a company was having with being found online. Quinnipiac Assignment #07 – A Crash Course in SEO The company chosen was the Miami Seaquarium, which I have never been to, but apparently they are located near Key Biscayne.