How to update your LinkedIn profile and freshen it up.
Eavesdropping for fun and inspiration | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Adventures in Career Changing
I am not saying you need to be nosy. Furthermore, this is not for gossip. You're not some latter day Gladys Kravitz.
Adventures in Career Changing Getting inspiration from employment
Maybe your character makes mistakes. Or maybe they're perfect at executing the task. In addition, some character might rebel or be repulsed by your task. So, can you extrapolate that to your work and your universe? Maybe you can.
meeting offline
Conquering LinkedIn and taking it all offline.
The big three older social media sites, when you strip away the celebrities and the companies, can be a boatload of errands or a standard-form holiday letter. You know the kind, where you're told little Suzie has taken up the clarinet. Over and over ad infinitum.
Fixing up your profile page, and populating it with a Twitter stream and blog summaries.
Twitter Stream offsite connections visual elements Twitter followers
Off-Twitter applications and sites to help you in managing and improving your Twitter experience.
Four Important Social Media Stats Four Important Social Media Stats for you! This post is, in part, […]
Basic information on what it's like to be an online Community Manager.