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Do You Know Why You Can’t Charge for Fanfiction? I enjoy fanfiction as much as, perhaps, the […]
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Consider Nell Murphy, One of My Original Characters Who is Nell Murphy? For Mettle, I needed a […]
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Review – Canaries I can scarcely recall how I got the idea for Canaries. It is entirely […]
Consider Tathrelle, One of My Original Characters Who is Tathrelle? When I first started to come up […]
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I really love how quickly and easily I was able to turn Susan into something utterly sinister. Beneath a cheerful, allegedly helpful and caring façade, there is a nasty drive to make every single person conform. Whether they like it or not.
If I can have a little fun, then I hope that you can as well.
Genre Treatments First Quarter 2021
Horror often slows down, and then speeds up. Mystery might take a while to build to a satisfactory conclusion. Furthermore, mysteries contain red herrings. Myths might contain repetition. Some of that comes from oral tradition. Humor is all about timing. Drama can often be slow and building. Traditional poetry may have a sing-song rhythm. Adventure might have a fairly straightforward line from beginning to end, continually amping up the stakes.
When Jewish characters (for example) are on the screen, does the audience get more than an occasion reference to Chanukah? Or do they just get a surname, or a trope? Or worse, do they get thinly-veiled anti-Semitic caricatures? Are LGBTQ characters defined by their sexuality, or are they stereotyped, or is it no big deal? Or are they killed off quickly, once they're no longer useful to the plot, the show runners, or the network?
Her accent comes from a few places. I learned about London, Kentucky when I used to have a job auditing law firms across the country. But I never had occasion to go there. But her voice? Her accent? Those come from the late mother of my best friend in high school. She had that fabulous accent and was one of the kindest people I have ever known.
I am working on getting back into a writing group. Before the second quarter 2022 started, it seemed like my group would be disbanding. Which makes me sad. Why, oh why, can't I find a group that I like, which works for me?