Now, I have not practiced law for over twenty years.

I recognize that many people have had very satisfying legal careers, and that’s great for them.

I was just never adversarial enough, I suppose. But it’s better to know yourself, than to continue slogging through a thoroughly inappropriate career. And, let’s face it, if I were still practicing, not only would I be making myself (and probably also my family) miserable, I’d also, potentially, be jeopardizing my clients’ livelihoods (I practiced civil, not criminal law, so at least my misery wouldn’t have translated into jail time for anyone).

Oh yeah, civil. Or, rather, civility and the lack thereof. While that was not, specifically, the reason I quit the practice of law, eventually going into IT and then, much more recently into social media, it was one of the many straws on that poor, overloaded camel’s back. And that lack of civility has recently come back up to the fore.

The ABA Journal recently reported on an email exchange between attorneys that was so egregious that it resulted in sanctions. Essentially what happened is, two Florida attorneys got into a heated exchange which included such juvenalia as calling each other “retard” and “scum-sucking loser”.

This bit of charm was perpetrated by this guy and this other guy. Now, call me silly, but the two are, at least, way over twenty-one years of age. At some point, as they say, you put away childish things. And you stop acting like an idiot, because it’s undignified, it turns off your clients, it makes you look bad and it’s just plain stupid.

People ask me, on occasion, why I would ever want to leave the exciting world of practicing law.

This is one of the reasons why.