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Mass Innovation September 2010 the Countdown Begins ….

While there is still plenty happening with Maker Faire and Mass Innovation, I would like to step out of that and go back to writing about Community Management a bit with my next blog post. It would not be true to say that I have ceased thinking about these things. In fact, they dominate my days! But I recognize that it can be a bit much.

But I also wanted to acknowledge and thank people. We have gotten a goodly number of votes to present at Mass Innovation. This is the one — we really, really want to present there. There are still, of course, several days (a little less than a month) to go before the voting closes. Nothing is guaranteed, and I am constantly nervous about it. I don’t know how calm I will be in the week before, particularly if the voting is close.

So, for the sake of my husband’s sanity, I do hope you’ll vote for Neuron Robotics to be able to present at Mass Inno. Thank you — and thank you on behalf of my incredibly patient husband.

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Maker Faire and Mass Innovation

Welcome to Maker Faire and Mass Inno!

So Maker Faire and Mass Inno are where it’s at. Seriously.

My company, Neuron Robotics, has two events coming up.

I am more or less in charge of events so I am hopping. I put together tweets, I have a boatload of work blog posts going out, I’m updating LinkedIN and Facebook and adding the events to those calendars, I’m adding the events to other calendars I know about, and I’m sending emails.

I’m a little tired.

Maker Faire and Mass Inno Make Good Sense

Now, I don’t mind doing this. And the two events both make a lot of good sense for us. Maker Faire may have customers. And Mass Innovation will have people who will probably tweet about us.

My main source of anxiety right now is making sure that we get enough votes for Mass Innovation. See, we can come, and we’ll get a table. That part is no problem. But only the top four of the eleven nominees get to present. I know we can kill on a presentation. And I have plenty of confidence in the process. But it’s like your child running for Student Council President. You want it all to work out.

So, if you would, please, I hope you’ll Vote for Pedro. Er, Vote for Neuron Robotics.

Thank you.

And as for that Other Event…

Almost 10 years later, I can honestly say that the best thing we did at Maker Faire was have cold water and cups. It was a scorcher! And we had candy, as I recall.

If that does not sound like sales then ding ding ding you guessed it!

So, I was learning. And so were the guys. Neuron Robotics, as of the writing of this update, is pretty much long gone. But it lives on, in a small way, on a WPI wiki and even Wikipedia.