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Alibaba looking for a $1B IPO

Alibaba looking for a $1B IPO

Back in 2014, there was Alibaba looking for a $1B IPO. Wow, that’s still a lotta cash.

According to Reuters, Alibaba Group, China’s leading e-commerce company, filed papers on May the 6th of 2014 for an initial public offering of stock seeking to raise at least one billion dollars.

This would be the technology industry’s biggest initial public offering since Twitter, which was back in the autumn of 2013.

As ecommerce has taken hold in China, it has been bringing with it access to consumer goods. This has proven to be quite a change for a society that, in the 1980s, sometimes still required ration tickets for some supermarket goods.

Alibaba IPO Could Net 150 to 200 Billion Dollars

While the timing is not necessarily the greatest, as investors are skittish, the Alibaba Group’s initial public offering is still expected to earn its investors at least ten billion dollars.

They will likely then sell stock at a price that will give the fifteen-year-old company a market value of $150 billion – $200 billion dollars. If these predictions hold water, Alibaba Group will rank among the biggest initial public offerings of all time.

And if that is the case, the a $1 B IPO could very well look like a bargain, in retrospect.

Look to the east.

A Look Back, Nine Years Later

Going back and looking at this post again, of course I had no idea Covid was going to become a part of our lives. Covid changes a lot about not just us, but about China. Their zero Covid policy made a lot of sense at the start of the pandemic.

But now? People are understandably tired of it all. And, in the face of vaccines and newer science, how much does it even work?

Yet even now, it affects not just lives, but also profits and losses. Even the almighty Alibaba saw its revenues fall.

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