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Oh Andala, How I Loved Thee

For me, Andala was IT in 2010!

Oh my gosh I loved this place:

It was a gathering, every Wednesday, of startup entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. For my job search/career change, it was not exactly like I was fishing in the precisely correct pond.

But … I did not care. The people are so lovely, it doesn’t seem to matter.Andala!

And then…

I think it’s good to be out and about, plus these are folks who may need my services in the future. Hence I need to exercise my patience.

In the meantime, it’s also an insanely gorgeous day. Here in New England, those don’t come around too often, particularly in April.

I’ll ignore my allergies as best I can and, once the MeetUp is done, go home and sit on my front porch, reading more about web dev and trying to change my skin color from #ffffff to about #ffffcc or so.

It’ll be bad if I bypass that and go straight to #ff0000 or so.

2023 Update on Andala?

Dang, they’re still in business!

So hey, good for ’em.

But things have changed. For me, at least.

So, what did change?

Me, Now

I’m busy, for one thing. My life is too filled up with work and whatnot to be spending it going to coffee shops. At least, not that often. And at the same time, I am quite sure that is the case for others.

Covid concerns don’t help, either.

But beyond all of that, and to cut through all of the noise, the truth is that the world of work and of looking for work have both changed. A big part of this is the wonderful world of remote work. And, remote work, as well.

With less of a need to “be there”, and with dangers accompanying being there, a lot of people are still opting for not being there.

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