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April 29, 2010 Acquia Webinar

2010 Acquia Webinar

On April 29, I listened in on a webinar being held in 2010 Acquia. The subject: Acquia JumpStart Program: Plant The Seeds for Drupal Success. The panelists were Bryan House (who was also hosting), Joanne Dawson and Robert Douglass.

They sent all participants a “Getting Started with Drupal Checklist”. Acquia’s mission is to help organizations of all sizes be successful with Drupal. And this includes hosting, development, support and training, among other features.

Stated simply, Drupal is an open-source forums (community) software solution (although you can use it for a lot more than that).

Drupal Installations

AcquiaSo, Acquia comes into a business and performs the Drupal installation themselves. Since Drupal installation can be rather difficult, this is a significant way to slash ramp-up time. The on-site Acquia personnel perform training for the company.

So this includes, on the first day, an introduction, user management, content creation, taxonomy (organizing and categorizing the site), blocks (small boxes/widgets of content that can appear on the sides of a page) and the menu.

Tech Support Forums FTW

One pleasant addition is Acquia’s own forums, which they use to enhance their tech support. They have regular technical support, naturally. But it is quite refreshing to see the company using its own product and feeling free enough to allow its users to help one another.

2010 Acquia Becomes 2022 Acquia

But several years later, using forums for tech support has become far more common.

Acquia Drupal currently uses the most recent version of Drupal 6. But that was 2010 Acquia. In 2024, the company was using Drupal 9. And of course that makes perfect sense. As time marches on, then so does web development.

And the truth is, when I updated this post in 2024, I had no idea if they were still in business. So, evidently they are. Good for you, Acquia!