Strategic Plan Implementation This week’s readings were all about getting a strategic plan off the ground. Main […]
The Search for Amazing Women targeted its key demographics with real out of the box thinking. After all, women posting on Facebook about breast cancer might seem to be a viable market. But of course they need clothing.
Message Strategies We looked at message strategies next. The medium is the message—maybe? With all due respect […]
Tying Strategic Planning to Nonprofits This week’s readings were all about pulling strategy out of the theoretical […]
Goals are where the organization wants to go; objectives are the roadmap.
Quinnipiac Assignment 04 – ICM 527 – Defining Publics “Super Bass-o-Matic ’76 – you’ll never have to […]
SWOT and PEST Analyses SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats/PEST Analysis – Politics, Economics, Socio-Culture, […]
Strategic Planning, Formative Research, and Issues Management Key Concepts in Strategic Planning During the course of this […]
It's all about the planning – or lack thereof – when it comes to social media and public relations.
Wireframing and Paper Prototyping What is Wireframing? As Daniel M. Brown says in Communicating Design: Developing Web […]