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Community Roundtable

A Look at Community Roundtable 2010

The Community Roundtable 2010 was a place to talk to peers. And, it still is, even though April 9, 2010 is long past.

Today I attended the CR lunch, which is always lively and pleasant. We didn’t really have a specific theme to discuss but it is good to be around fellow Community Manager types. People who speak my language, as it were. I need to add their blog to my blogroll.

A Look Back, Almost Thirteen Years Later

So, this was a teeny tiny blog post when I first wrote it, some forty or so words long, all told. Actually, I just checked, and it was forty-nine words long. So much for my powers of prediction.

And so, I archived it. Because, let’s face it, there was no good reason to fling it out to the world. But now, I am looking at it again. With fresh eyes. Er, fresher eyes.

I also wanted to experiment a little bit with a new plugin for my site. But I digress.

So, why am I looking to release this particular blog post for a second time? It is because I am commenting on the current state of the Community Roundtable, as an organization.

According to their website, they have been around since 2009. And so that means that the event I poorly memorialized was one of their first events. Ever.

We were all learning then. Even more than we are now, I suppose.

Features and Changes

From two founders for the Community Roundtable 2010, the team has now grown to nine people.

There is a jobs board, too, currently with fourteen openings. Two are freelance, whereas the other twelve are full-time.

Six of these openings are fully remote, which includes one of the freelancing positions. Three are hybrid, where a community manager would be dividing their time between remote and the New York City metropolitan area (for two of these particular positions) or Secaucus, New Jersey.

The last are located in Chicago (one full-time role and the other freelancing gig), New York City (there are two positions in the Big Apple), or Las Vegas. These openings seem to run the gamut from entry level to (if the pay is any indication) director level. But the best part is that these are actual, bona fide community manager roles.

As opposed to people who live on site and manage communities, often for the elderly.

There are more than job openings, of course. They offer training and consulting and one thing that more or less carries over from Community Roundtable 2010 — Happy Hour!