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EditMe Webinar

An EditMe Webinar

Today I attended (well, I listened to it in my home computer room) the EditMe Webinar. EditMe is a company that puts out WYSIWYG collaborative site software. That is, you can make a Wiki or a forums site with their software.

EditMe logo for EditMe WebinarI am not a customer but I am interested in pretty much anything to do with Social Media and, in particular, Community Management, as I’ve been managing Able2know for over 7 1/2 years now. It is kind of  funny as I have more Community Management experience than many vaunted experts.

The main takeaways were as follows:

  • The Community is about them, not you
  • Make a big deal about participation. Thank everyone!
  • Use an Editorial Calendar, e. g. keep a schedule of when you’re going to release content, and keep it regular

I particularly loved that last one.

Communities and Social Media aren’t necessarily tough but they can be extraordinarily time-consuming. Everything you can do to help yourself in that area is a good thing.

Looking Back at this Webinar, Almost 13 Years Later

The bottom line is that this EditMe webinar was a decent piece of information when I was first starting out. And, in fact, I did not truly embrace using an editorial calendar until maybe two years ago. Now, I can’t honestly see myself working without one.

These days, you most likely would not be able to get away with such a basic webinar. We have all been around so many online communities and the like that a lot of this stuff is kind of old hat.

Of course, the eldest generational cohort (no, not the Baby Boomers! I mean the Greatest Generation) is not in that group. But the Greatest Generation is, sadly, on their way out. And behind them, the Silent Generation, are also not in that group.

But according to Statista, in 2021, those two generational cohorts, combined, only made up around 6% of all Americans.

And even if you cut the Baby Boomer generation in half and only look at those of us born after, say, 1955, that still gives you a good 72 – 73% of all Americans. We are a wired world.

And as time passes, that will only become more and more apparent. And our social media webinars really need to have more substance to them.

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