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First 5K of the year

A Bit About the First 5K of the Year in 2010

My husband and 2 friends of ours from Able2know ran a 5K race today. I came in last of our group and I was probably last of everybody who ran, but that doesn’t matter a lot to me. It was the first 5k of the calendar year.

Last year, I finished my first 5K (I did six that year) in about an hour and 4 minutes. Today I finished in 40 minutes and a few miscellaneous seconds (8?). I intend to run eight of them this year.

So far, so good.

Spoiler Alert: It Was Not the Last 5K!

This is another one of my very oldest blog posts. You know, back when I had no idea whatsoever what I was doing.

But now, in early 2023, I am a bit less ignorant. I think.

But no matter what, it was a confessional, personal little thing. It had nothing about career changing. I suppose it could come under the category of an adventure, though.

In fact, I even blogged about the second 5K of 2010 as well.

And then I started to find my sea legs, as it were.

Changing Direction

Or, rather, I suppose you could more accurately call it finding a direction. For I started this blog absolutely rudderless. I read about social media, yes. That was the good part.

But the bad part was that so much of what I read was generic. Or it was out of date. Or it was both.

So, all that reading did not do me as many favors as I was hoping for.

I think it is a lot more likely that getting my Master’s from Quinnipiac changed things. It changed me. That’s a given.


Once the blog started to take on some better focus, it actually became a lot easier to write. I think a lot of people think fetters are bad for writing.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Fetters help writers!