Happy Birthday Mass Innovation, Mass Inno

Happy Birthday Mass Innovation!

Happy Birthday Mass Innovation — I Mean It!

One of the best events I go to these days is Mass Innovation. So, happy birthday Mass Innovation!

The Background

This event has been running for a year now, and it showcases startups all over the Bay State. These startups need not be in the technical area (although they often are). Plus it’s a great chance to network and meet others in not only the Social Media field but in any number of related fields.

After all, most companies could use a Social Media Specialist, so why not spread the business cards around to them as well?

Bobbie Carlton does a rather fine job in getting the evening rolling. She encourages competitors to submit their ideas. Five are selected by the attendees’ votes. The winners get a short period of time (5 or 10 minutes) to present their ideas to the assembled guests.

But all is not lost for those who weren’t voted a presentation slot. They are still invited to come in and man a booth. Often the booths hold better presentations than the actual Powerpoint shows. Happy birthday Mass Innovation - founder Bobbie Carlton

The idea behind the event is to showcase up and coming entrepreneurs and offer support to them. Does anyone get a job through this event? Hard to say. But it raises awareness, and attendees get to meet and bond.

The best part of the event is that it is completely portable — it could (and should!) happen in any city.

In fact, it has at times.

After all, there is innovation going on all over the globe.

Toodles, Mass Inno

So, happy birthday Mass Innovation. Long may you wave.

Update (2023): it is still going, despite Covid throwing cold water on things for a few years there. A tribute to Bobbie and her team, and to the faithful following.

The startup scene is still here, and it’s thriving.

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