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Mass Innovation is Tonight!

Tonight, It’s Mass Innovation All the Way!

My company has a presentation slot. Many thanks to all who voted for us. We’re presenting tonight!

Onward and ever upward!

Tonight, a Far Different, Later Night

As I write this, it is early 2023 and I am mainly going through this blog in order to fix a lot of super-short posts. Because I want to get them up to snuff when it comes to SEO.

With this post, there was little reason to bother. But I was also correcting a bunch of links. And so, I decided why the hell not? Why not fix this one as well?

The Highlight of My Time With Neuron Robotics

I would have to say this, and the two TED adventures were the highlights. We had an audience! And they really liked us!

However, as with so many other times with Neuron Robotics, it did not go anywhere.

One thing about updating a really old blog post is, it’s a visit down Memory Lane. But it is also an occasion to see where the opportunities fell flat.

And not seizing opportunities was practically our modus operandi there.

Now, I am somewhat sorry to be saying that. But if the shoe fits…

But for Every Cloud, There is Still a Silver Lining

One thing i have also found is that this festival of introspection is not such a bad thing. Nope, not at all. For it gives me a chance to see how far I have come.

And so have the other folks from Neuron Robotics.

So, let’s see where everyone has landed, shall we?

Former President Bob Breznak has gone on to become the Chief Technology Officer at Five. Kevin Harrington has gone on to become a Principal Software Engineer at Soft Robotics, Inc. Former Vice President Greg Cole moved to Connecticut with his family and is now the Cheif Technology Officer at AiM Medical Robotics.

And finally, Alex Camillo has gone onto become a Senior Electrical Engineer at ASML.

All in all, I think we did pretty well for ourselves.

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