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Mass Innovation September 15

My company, Neuron Robotics is in the running to present at Mass Innovation! If you’ll be in the Cambridge area on September 15 from 6-9pm, come on down to #MIN18. It’s at the Microsoft NERD Center. RSVP on the Mass Inno site to save a seat.

What is Mass Innovation Night like?

If you haven’t been to a Mass Innovation Nights event before, here’s how it works. You vote on this page to determine which companies get five minutes to present their story. However, everyone gets a table to demonstrate their product. On the night of the event, make some noise on their behalf! Blog, tweet, take pictures or video, post them online, mention and link to them from your LinkedIn status or Facebook, or, just tell someone. Together you can support local innovation.

September 15 Location

The event will be at the Microsoft NERD Center located at:

1 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142

See you there — but before you go, please vote for us to present at Mass Innovation in September. The race is exciting — we really need your vote. Thanks!

It’s Been a While Since September 15

Over twelve years, to be exact. And while winning (which we did) did not open up any doors, I guess you could say we had fun.

As time has slid by, I have learned a lot more about startups and starting up. And the truth is, the company was kind of doomed from the start.

Notwithstanding its apparent sale and/or reinvention. Hear me out, please.

All You Need is Cash

Ever since that day in 2010, the truth is, we did not do much to promote the company. Is that all on me? Kind of.

But I was thrown into the deep end. We all were.

And there was virtually no money.

So, things could not have continued, no matter how enthusiastic we were. No matter how much promoting I (or anyone could have done), without bucks, there could be no business.

So I hope things have changed in the scene. And in the schools, too. For engineering is all well and good. But inventors and engineers need to connect to business people who can drum up cash.

Otherwise, it’s all a lot of sound and fury, signifying little.

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