Countdown to Mass Inno September 2010

Mass Innovation September 2010 the Countdown Begins ….

In 2010, I started a countdown.

But What Was it a Countdown For?

It was a countdown to getting Neuron Robotics into Mass Innovation so we could make a presentation. The idea was to get some love from the local press and maybe people with money. As I write this update, it’s over 12 years later.

There is a lot I could say—far too much, truth be told—about all of the mistakes we made. And make them we did! But we also had fun. I am still Facebook pals with the guys. But we don’t really see each other anymore. And that’s okay. We all have lives, and those lives have diverged.

So here, in the raw (as it were), is the original blog post. It’s a tiny thing, and God knows that’s bad for SEO. But at the time, I had no idea it was going to be a problem.

A Trip Back in Time

While there is still plenty happening with Maker Faire and Mass Innovation, I would like to step out of that and go back to writing about Community Management a bit with my next blog post. It would not be true to say that I have ceased thinking about these things. In fact, they dominate my days! But I recognize that it can be a bit much.

But I also wanted to acknowledge and thank people. We have gotten a goodly number of votes to present at Mass Innovation. This is the one — we really, really want to present there. There are still, of course, several days (a little less than a month) to go before the voting closes. Nothing is guaranteed, and I am constantly nervous about it. I don’t know how calm I will be in the week before, particularly if the voting is close.

So, for the sake of my husband’s sanity, I do hope you’ll vote for Neuron Robotics to be able to present at Mass Inno. Thank you — and thank you on behalf of my incredibly patient husband.

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