Community Roundtable

On May 7th, I attended the Community Roundtable’s Live Lunch at Jasper White’s Summer Shack in Cambridge.

Community Roundtable logoIn attendance were, among others, Rachel Happe and Jim Storer, Tracy Lee Carroll, Leanne Chase, Barbara Gavin, Paul Geffen, Joe Lima, Cindy Meltzer, Jabu Mguni, Vanessa Rhinesmith, Ellen Rossano, Masoud Shadravan, Mike Schneider, Christine Sierra and Jim Spencer.

Plus … Vanessa’s sweet little 2-month old daughter, Lucy.


And then there was a surprise addition: Jeff Cutler. And I think another … I may have lost track of the participants. Meghan Biro and Kelley Kassa were unfortunately unable to attend.

Barbara very graciously offered two books for review. Joe took one; I didn’t see where the other one ended up.

Community Roundtable and the Discussion

The real discussion was about work-life balance. As Community Managers, we aren’t necessarily tied to a nine to five-style job. And employers need to understand that we want some balance to our days. The job may be mainly computer work but it is no less tiring.

Hula Hoops?

The discussion also turned to hula hoops (Jim and Rachel brought one, but no one used it although the lobsters in the tank seemed to be likely candidates) and Summer plans (the setting at the Summer Shack does seem to encourage that). Plus the fact that the cultural exchange between Massachusetts and New Hampshire seems to involve Bay Staters going North for cheap booze and Granite Staters coming South for Whole Foods runs. Okay, well maybe not that.

The gist of it all is that, as Community Managers, we are the careful, consideration folks online. Sometimes it’s good to set that aside for a while and just live a little.

Looking forward to the next one, in two weeks.

Twelve years later, I do miss it, a bit. Certainly, it’s fun to talk to those who get it.

2 Responses

  1. It’s a very sweet group of people. You can see where people are successful as CMs — they’re kind, have good senses of humor and are essentially unflappable.

  2. Thanks, Janet, for the great summary of what went on at your end of the table today. I was at the other end with Jeff Cutler, Jim Spencer, and Masoud and we talked about life as a writer, how hard it is to find a tech job these days, and related topics. After lunch, Leanne came for a visit and we talked about careers and jobs.
    I love this group and the energy we have when we get together. I look forward to the next meeting.
    – Paul