The weekend was good but I overdid it. It’s weird — hmm, maybe it’s not — but as I get older it takes less and less for me to say that I overdid it.

It was the Celtics game. No, it was all the reading! No, it was … hmm, I dunno.

Anyway, onto the week. Today I’m meeting with a person who might actually have something for me. It’s a startup but from small acorns come mighty oaks. Plus I feel it’s important to meet with people, even if it ultimately does not end up a destination. I’m trying to get myself up and out of the house as much as possible — staying home is not a great thing to be doing all the time, despite all the necessary web development work I’ve gotta do, and the applications that need to go winging their way around the ‘Net.

And so today, out I go. I’ve never really had this kind of a meeting before, where I’m talking to someone where, if there is to be compensation, it would be, most likely, in the form of equity. There’s something scary yet oddly liberating in that.

Off the cliff I go.

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