Oh my gosh I love this place:

It’s a gathering, every Wednesday, of startup entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. For my job search/career change, it’s not exactly like I’m fishing in the precisely correct pond.

But … I don’t care. The people are so lovely, it doesn’t seem to matter.

I think it’s good to be out and about, plus these are folks who may need my services in the future. Hence I need to exercise my patience. In the meantime, it’s also an insanely gorgeous day. Here in New England, those don’t come around too often, particularly in April. I’ll ignore my allergies as best I can and, once the MeetUp is done, go home and sit on my front porch, reading more about web dev and trying to change my skin color from #ffffff to about #ffffcc or so. It’ll be bad if I bypass that and go straight to #ff0000 or so.

Personal Site Development


Life is outta control. Well, it’s not that bad.  But I’ve got a lot going on, even though I’m not employed. Looking for work is, as they (who?) say, a full-time job in and of itself.

Hence I’ve got a somewhat full calendar. Plus I’m working on the site and also doing work out stuff to lose weight. Which I have to schedule these days in order to be sure it happens. It is, of course, better than sitting around and doing nada but it’s a tad overwhelming at times.


Monday morning dash

The weekend was good but I overdid it. It’s weird — hmm, maybe it’s not — but as I get older it takes less and less for me to say that I overdid it.

It was the Celtics game. No, it was all the reading! No, it was … hmm, I dunno.

Anyway, onto the week. Today I’m meeting with a person who might actually have something for me. It’s a startup but from small acorns come mighty oaks. Plus I feel it’s important to meet with people, even if it ultimately does not end up a destination. I’m trying to get myself up and out of the house as much as possible — staying home is not a great thing to be doing all the time, despite all the necessary web development work I’ve gotta do, and the applications that need to go winging their way around the ‘Net.

And so today, out I go. I’ve never really had this kind of a meeting before, where I’m talking to someone where, if there is to be compensation, it would be, most likely, in the form of equity. There’s something scary yet oddly liberating in that.

Off the cliff I go.

Site Development

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I suppose this blog is going to encompass not only my job search/career change efforts but also talk a bit about the development of the site in general.

I’m finally getting my act in gear in terms of uniformity and a vision.

Now, you might say to yourself, what’s this “finally” business? After all, haven’t you been open for less than a week?

Too true, but I like to be organized, and it’s obvious that, with a website, you need to be organized from the get-go.

Hence now I’ve got three (yay!) uniform pages. The resume is going to take more work as it’s such a different format from the other stuff.

I’m also going to, at some point, do some painting. I want to make my own background, my own button(s) and my own logo. I am not a great painter by any means, but it’s something I enjoy doing. Plus, ha! There’s no issues with copyright. I gotta figure I own my own watercolors.

Today we’re (I’m a married-type person) off to a Celtics game. Go green dudes!

Career changing

Every time I think of careers ….

…. I get nervous. Careers scare me.

Careers Are Definitely Scary

I think of just how long I’m (hopefully) going to be living. And can I ever really be happy? But now I feel I’ve found my bliss — social media.

All I need is to make the leap into doing it professionally. Every day I run up, hard, to the gate. One of these days, the jump will be made, and I will land.

Come watch.

An Update After a Decade

10 years later, I think I may have finally landed somewhere.

Careers and Ambitions

Careers are tricky things, aren’t they? We ask people about their ambitions all the time. In fact, for children, it can even be an occurrence that happens more than once per week.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Raise your hand if you ever said, “I don’t know.”

Because that is totally okay.

Time Keeps On Going; If You Don’t Look Around, You Just Might Miss It

So that’s kinda, sorta paraphrasing Ferris Bueller.

But that’s all right. Because, you see, time slipping away has made careers like mine possible in the first place.

Say what?


Invention and Reinvention

I graduated from high school in June of 1979. There were no smart phones. There was no internet. And there I was, a kid who kinda, sorta understood communications.

Oh yeah, computers were the size of a room. And the popular fiction of the time showed them as unhinged menaces, lurking and ready to get us.

I’m looking at you, 2001.

And you, Star Trek TOS.

I graduated from college in 1983. Computers were a little smaller. But their cost was still comparable to a car. I had taken one programming class, hated it, and had dropped out before I could get a failing grade. But I had liked fooling around on the computer. I just didn’t want to program in DOS.

And then…

I graduated law school in 1986. I had used LexisNexis. And then I went to work for a large firm where there was still a typing pool. And IBM Selectric typewriters. No lie. Two secretaries had word processors. The managing partner had a computer which he was trying (miserably) to teach himself how to use.

I left after 6 months and was at a firm where we had dumb terminals with some actual information in them. We did scheduling this way – although the clerk still used a huge book.

When I left a few years later (and left the practice of law altogether), things had not changed much.


I taught paralegals. And I adjusted claims. Everywhere I went, it seemed computers were used less and less. In 1995, I started as a litigation auditor. I did not know how to turn on the Apple PowerBook 170 they gave me. According to Wikipedia, it was vintage 1991. I 100% believe that.

So I taught myself how to use it, and how to get faster. Slowly, we were switched to better computers. In my last 3 months or so (late 1999), we were finally given internet access.

Because I knew databases, and it was the dot-com boom, I found another job fast. 9/1 happened, and it stole my job, along with a lot of other people. I drifted. Slowly, I was getting away from databases. In 2004, I worked at Dictaphone, and I did three separate stints at Fidelity Investments.

And I was at that third Fidelity job when I first wrote something like 73 words for this, my first-ever blog post.

Life Has Changed

From there to here, I wanted out. So I went to grad school and I blogged – here! Plus I made whatever contacts I could.

In 2014, I became a published fiction author. And in 2017, I was offered a job managing content for a business credit company.

What a long, strange trip it’s been. I have never regretted changing my life this way. Careers, I have learned, are for bending and changing. Never, ever set yours in stone.