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Quinnipiac Assignment #12 – J-Krak Content Marketing

J-Krak Content Marketing

This week, we worked on a content calendar for J-Krak content marketing. It isn’t done yet, so instead I figured I would share the two videos we made last week as they are more or less still applicable to this week.

 MySpace Loses Out to Google+

This time, I had the honor of going first and speaking about the first part of our failed foray into MySpace.

It was just ridiculously chaotic and downright impenetrable.

While MySpace used to be the place you went to for bands, no matter what, these days, not so much.

English: The new Myspace logo Français : Le no...
English: The new Myspace logo Français : Le nouveau logo Myspace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everybody says that bands should be on MySpace, but we beg to differ.

Please also watch my partner, Kim Scroggins, as she talks about why we decided that Google+ would be a better place for our community.

As our strategy unfolds (including our J-Krak blog), I hope you’ll stay tuned. Thanks for watching.

A Look Eight Years Later

As I clean up my blog, I stumble upon posts just like this one. Low on content, but still something that’s pretty decent to write about. And so, once again, I find myself writing about a long ago class.

At the time that we took this class and I wrote this blog, Google+ was still doing pretty well. It was not huge, and I think that Google had come to that realization by this point in time. And so, instead, they essentially bribed people to join Google+.

Wait, what?

Well, “bribe” is a harsh word. And it was not money which changed hands. Rather, it was a bit of search engine love.

For the low, low price of just joining Google+, the search engine giant would rank your content a bit higher. Did it help? Eh, not so much.

And hey, Google? I think you sold yourself cheap.

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