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Quinnipiac Assignment #7 – POST Method Building Social Media Strategy

A Look at Quinnipiac Assignment #7 – POST Method Building Social Media Strategy

Quinnipiac Assignment #7 – POST Method Building Social Media Strategy – For Quinnipiac Assignment #7 of ICM 522 (Social Media Platforms), I worked with my partner, Kim Scroggins, in order to develop the first three pieces of what is referred to as a POST Method – building social media strategy.

What is the POST Method?

Quinnipiac Assignment #7 – POST Method in Building Social Media Strategy

POST (in the realm of social media strategy) stands for –

  • People
  • Objectives and
  • Strategy

And Then There’s Tech

Technology (the fourth piece of four) will come later during this semester. For now, we are to concentrate on the first three areas. This is, I feel, a great idea, as we so often (myself included) tend to put the cart before the horse when it comes to social media behaviors.

We chase shiny new platforms without performing any social listening whatsoever, without doing any investigations into feasibility or even whether anyone thinks that the platform will be around next year, and without much of an idea of what we are even going to say once we get there.

Teamwork and POST Strategy

Working with Kim Scroggins was great, and we began to truly gel together as an effective team. I do not believe that we ever had a serious conflict, and that is no exaggeration on my part.  Plus, at any time that some task or another needed to be accomplished, one or the other of us would simply do it. There was no nagging, and no feeling that one person or the other was taking on too much.

There was no feeling that the workload was somehow unfairly divvied up, either.

Here is my half of the presentation (which just so happens to be the second half):

And here is Kim’s half of our joint assignment, which I hope you will also watch, particularly as it is the beginning half and does act as something of an introduction to my own piece of our project,  Quinnipiac Assignment #7 – POST Method – Building Social Media Strategy.

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