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Quinnipiac Assignment #9 – J-Krak Facebook Page

Quinnipiac Assignment #9 – J-Krak Facebook Page

What happened with the J-Krak Facebook page?

J-Krak Facebook Community
KrakHeads logo

Check Out the J-Krak Facebook Page

Once again, we did not have to create a video this week for Quinnipiac Assignment #9. Instead, my partner, Kim Scroggins, and I were required to create a J-Krak Facebook page for our J-Krak fans community (which in our blog, we were referring to as KrakHeads).

We decided to call the page J-Krak RI in order to better emphasize our intimate connection to the state of Rhode Island.


The Facebook page was designed with a standard Creative Commons background image of sheet music and our preexisting KrakHeads logo.

Kim made it by combining a Creative Commons image of a vinyl record with lettering in a font that we chose together. So, we used it as our logo and the avatar for the page itself.

We have since replaced that avatar with an image of John Krakowski and John Cairo together. We added the new avatar after the end of our class.

A Fast Following

It was a pleasant surprise when we got to one hundred likes in about six and a half hours. Currently, the new page has 125 fans on Facebook.  We are very excited about this, and Kim and I feel that we have definitely found our platform!

One thing which most certainly helped was reaching out to our families and friends. It felt a lot more natural on Facebook to just ask people to follow the page. But the reality is: the vast majority of people following the page are doing so in order to help us out.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just, this does not really help out our “client”, the band.

But It’s Okay Anyway

Even someone’s elderly Aunt Mavis in Oshkosh was a good follower, because Facebook rewards popularity, recency, and activity. The algorithm has no idea if she’s truly a fan or not.

Heh, maybe she is.

Thank you for following! And party on!

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