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Second 5K of 2010

Second 5K? What About the First One?

Yep, it was my second 5k of the year. This one was yesterday’s accomplishment. Man oh man am I tired. Better than the first one, though.

This second 5k happened despite water restrictions in Mass.It’s not helping that there’s a major water restriction going on in Boston right now. And today it’s supposed to hit (this is not a typo): 88 F.

Fortunately, showering is considered safe. But I can’t help wondering whether any of my many planned social media networking events are going to be cancelled or moved.

Stay tuned.

Er, Why Did I Feel it Was So Important to Blog About My Second 5K of the Year?

So, here we are, nearly thirteen years later. Thirteen? Holy cow, yeah. Time flies. But I digress.

And I have no idea why I felt this was such a page turner that you would want to hear about it.

Still, at the time, I was so new to blogging. And I was coming off a diet blog at Spark People. There, writing about my second 5k would have been the most natural thing, ever.

But this blog is different. And my intention at the time, already, was for it to be different.

Career Changing Was Not Moving Anywhere Near as Fast as I Wanted it To

There is no question in my mind whatsoever. I clearly was getting impatient. But I was not really writing yet. At the time, I knew I had to create and publish content.

But I had no idea what to write about.

The sticky part of all of that is … it seems as if no one else did, either.

2010 Internet, the Land of Blathering Blogs

To be fair, that is still the case, even now. Once you get past anyone who is blogging for business purposes, what happens? And then once you get past people like me, what happens? People like me being folks who are doing the social media dance.

Soon enough, you hit the confessional. People blog about love, life, and work. There is nothing wrong with this!

But that was not my plan for this blog. And it still is not.