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Easter Eggs

Let’s Look at Easter Eggs in My Writing

Ah, Easter eggs. Those fun little nuggets of connection between stories.

What and how do utterly unrelated items have in common? And how does a sly wink at the reader keep the sense of disbelief from crashing down?

Well, it doesn’t always.

Easter eggsEaster Eggs: A Fun Nod to the Reader

This is the way I have always looked at these.

If I can have a little fun, then I hope that you can as well.

And the best part is, this not something I came up with on my own. These have a proud and long tradition in writing. So, I am far from being the first ever person to do this.

What They Are

For me, the concept behind Easter eggs is to add a little dash of something which is in hiding and hard for some to know.

I see it as almost like, if you have been paying attention, then you will see this and this, here and here.

What They Aren’t

Except for the linking between the various trilogies in the Obolonk universe, these are just meant to be a bit of fun. As such, I do not mean for everyone named Shapiro is not to be related to everyone else.

Also, not every reference to Boston is right next door to any of the other references. And not every hint actually, well, goes anywhere.

In addition, a matching genre does not constitute one of these. After all, both Stranger in a Strange Land and any Star Trek tie-in novels are all under the science fiction umbrella. But that does not mean they tie together with each other.

And so in the same way, consider that the numerous Boston or Shapiro references do not always signify a connection.

It’s more that I like to throw them in and then see if the reader gets it.

And you, dear reader, I am quite sure that you do.

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