Cheat Sheets

Do you need cheat sheets? Why, of course you do!

Cut to the chase, already!

Is it too much? Cheat Sheets can help you cut to the chase. But the images I have created are, perhaps, a bit more like cheat sheets, as they are not really used for the purpose of getting across graphical information (e. g. a set of bar charts), except for the Facebook cheat sheet.

Hence this is a way of communicating concepts about social media for independent authors. I conducted a survey of NaNoWriMo writers. And I found they needed less help in setting up a network such as Facebook or Twitter. Instead, they were far more interested in what to do once everything was set up. My adviser, my professor from last semester, and even my current scholastic peers all suggested the same thing: make some cheat sheets.

Plus these images are all free for you to use and share. All I ask is for you to keep my identifying information on them. But otherwise, if you want to print or tweet or share any or all of them, then have at it. However, I do not recommend a tattoo!

Don’t ask how I know this. 😉

Plus if there is a topic I have not yet covered, stay tuned, or please feel free to ask for it. Because I am more than happy to add more subjects as time permits. Social media is everywhere, and it keeps changing. So let’s keep up together.

In the meantime, I hope these help you, the independent author.

Blogging Cheat Sheets

The cornerstone of your social media presence should generally be a blog. You are a writer. Hence blogging should come naturally.


Blogging Tips for Independent Authors Infographics cheat sheets

Blogging Tips for Independent Authors


It’s so easy to be tripped up by copyright considerations, So here’s some help.


Lonely Writer - Copyright

Lonely Writer – Copyright for Independent Authors


Since covers are important (yes, we all judge books by them!), here’s some basic help.

Book Cover Help for Independent Writers

Book Cover Help for Independent Writers

Facebook Cheat Sheets

If you are not on Facebook, then you are missing out.







Lonely Writer - Facebook for Independent Authors Infographics

Lonely Writer – Facebook for Independent Authors


Twitter can feel alien to a lot of people. So here are some basics.

Twitter for Indies Infographics

Twitter for Indies

Polishing Your Work

If you think you can just publish unedited work, think again. Here are some tips on how to polish that prose.

Polishing Your Independent Novel Infographics cheat sheets

Polishing Your Independent Novel


Since it’s not enough to just publish. You need to get people to download and buy.




Promotions for Indie Authors

Promotions for Indie Authors


YouTube is the perfect medium for readings, critiques, and interviews.

Lonely Writer - YouTube cheat sheets

Lonely Writer – YouTube for Independent Authors


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