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Adrian Brody, who I see as Lex Feldman
Consider Lex Feldman, One of My Original Characters Who is Lex Feldman? Lex Feldman is a kind of nervous but ultimately good person who gets Marnie to loosen up in some ways—and straighten up and fly right in others. He is an important character in the […]
Steven Culp, who I see as Tommy 2000 AKA Tommy McFarland
For Tommy to really be a mature creation, he needs complex emotions. With Dave, he feels jealousy. As Peri puts it, he's supposed to be like a loyal dog. But he doesn't like it when she plays with other dogs. He never gets violent or anything. But Tommy is clearly wounded and he is short with Peri when she tries to talk to him about it.
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Welcome and make yourself at home! 

My journey has taken a number of turns and there is no doubt in my mind that it will take several more.

So, I’ll start semi- from the beginning.

For my entire life, I have chafed against the idea that I would find something that would make me happy forever (except for my husband! 🙂 — but I digress). I mean it in the sense of a career. After all, how can I (or most people, for that matter) know what will keep me happy and engaged for, say, fifty years?

Complicating matters is the fact that I came of age long before computers were as ubiquitous as they are right now. 

I always knew I wanted something different. But it wasn’t until maybe the turn of this millennium that I finally started to see it with some clarity.

Is this it? Is blogging, social media, content, or some combination thereof… it?

I confess I am still unsure. 

And if that makes me flaky to others, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, folks.

See ya ’round the interwebz.

PS This blog is a continual work in progress. If it changes tomorrow, well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Content, content, and more content

I blog. A lot. Seriously, I can’t stop blathering.

writing and stuff

I’m a writer. I make characters out of thin air, and they come to life (if I’ve done my job right) with just the application of pixels or ink on a page. 


Yes, I have them. Don’t you? Am I right about everything?

Ha, that is to laugh. But I try. 🙂

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