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What is it about videos, that make them so much easier to follow? Whether it is step by step instructions or just a little friendly advice, a video can sometimes go a lot further than a blog post or meme or cheat sheet can.


Hi! I am so pleased to meet you! Let’s talk about writing, about social media, and how to bring out the best in you. In the meantime, we will touch on a number of fun and interesting topics,including covers and cover artists, beta readers and editors, how to write a blurb, and how to keep out of copyright infringement hot water. Come and check out my YouTube channel when you get a chance, and let’s talk writing!


Working with a cover artist/covers

Color Theory

The color theory videos now have their own page. They now have a lot more written detail, too. You can find them by clicking here.

Getting Published and Polishing Your Work

Beta readers and editors

Working with a beta reader

Choosing an Editor

Blurbs, queries, teasers, and elevator pitches

Writing a Blurb

Writing a query letter

Your elevator pitch, orally and in writing

Teasing your work

Working Social Media

Demystifying Facebook

Creating a Facebook Page

Working with a Facebook Page

Advertising on Facebook

Demystifying Twitter

Starting a Twitter stream

Optimizing Twitter

MSWL (Manuscript Wish List)

PitMad on Twitter

The 5 Worst Things You Are Doing on Social Media


Why you can’t charge for fanfiction/a crash course in copyright

Transitioning from fanfiction

Creative commons


For interview videos, be sure to check out their own special page!
More to come!