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Lonely Writer Videos

What is it about videos, that make them so much easier to follow? Whether it is step by step instructions or just a little friendly advice, a video can sometimes go a lot further than a blog post or meme or cheat sheet can.


Hi! I am so pleased to meet you! Let’s talk about writing, about social media, and how to bring out the best in you.
Lonely Writer - shapes in cover design - videos
In the meantime, we will touch on a number of fun and interesting topics, including covers and cover artists, beta readers and editors. Also, how to write a blurb, and how to keep out of copyright infringement hot water.

So, please come and check out my YouTube channel when you get a chance. And let’s talk writing!

Some Videos About Covers

So, covers are a natural topic for a YouTube channel and also a blog, all about writing.

Videos About Working with a Cover Artist/Covers

Videos on Color Theory

The color theory vids now have their own page. They now have a lot more written detail, too. You can find them by going to my YouTube channel.

Videos on Getting Published and Polishing Your Work

So, you can’t have the first without the second!!

Beta Readers and Editors

A bit about which is which. Also, why you need both.

Working with a Beta Reader

Here’s some information on working with a beta reader.

Choosing an Editor

Let’s look at the process of choosing an editor.

Blurbs, Queries, Teasers, and Elevator Pitches

These are all important. So the idea is to tell the difference. Also, help with how to write them.

Writing a Blurb

It can be one of the hardest things a writer has to do, because so much is riding on it—writing a blurb.

Writing a Query Letter

Here’s a look at writing a query letter.

Your Elevator Pitch, Orally and in Writing

One day, someone will ask you what your book is all about. So, you’d better be ready!

Teasing Your Work

Do you know how to tease your work?

Videos on Working with Social Media

So, here are some videos on how to work with social media.

Demystifying Facebook

How’s Facebook goin’ for ya?

Creating a Facebook Page

You should be creating a Facebook page for your writing!

Working with a Facebook Page

But you can’t just rest on your laurels. You need to work with your page!

Advertising on Facebook

Let’s look at paid ads.

Demystifying Twitter

Twitter is such an odd duck (pun intended a bit). So, here’s some info on it.

Starting a Twitter Stream

How do you get started?

Optimizing Twitter

And how do you make the most out of Twitter?

MSWL (Manuscript Wish List)

What is #MSWL?

PitMad on Twitter

So, what was the late, lamented #PitMad all about?

The 5 Worst Things You Are Doing on Social Media

So, don’t do this!

Videos on Copyright

Art is valuable. You are valuable. So you should protect your work. And you should respect others’ works as well.

Why you Can’t Charge for Fanfiction/a Crash Course in Copyright

Stephenie Meyer notwithstanding…

Transitioning from Fanfiction

So, why should you move on from fan fiction? Also, what happens if you don’t want to?

Creative Commons Videos

What is Creative Commons?

Interview Videos

For interviews, I keep them separate, so be sure to check out my interview videos!

Videos: Takeaways

So, these are always a lot of fun to make. Dang, I should make some more! And maybe they’ll be for Facebook Reels or TikTok, rather than YouTube.

So, what is the limit? Only the sky.

Finally, will I be making any more vids? Sure, why not?

More to come!