Sail On

The ship has sails, and it has a rudder.

The winds cannot be predicted or controlled. The tide cannot be harnessed. The waves will do as they will.

But the sails can be trimmed, or even taken down entirely. And the rudder exists for steering.

Control what you can; don’t lament what you can’t.

Ever onward.


Second 5K of 2010

This one was accomplished yesterday. Man oh man am I tired.

It’s not helping that there’s a major water restriction going on in Boston right now, and today it’s supposed to hit (this is not a typo): 88 F.

Fortunately, showering is considered safe. But I can’t help wondering whether any of my many planned social media networking events are going to be cancelled or moved.

Stay tuned.


First 5K of the year

My husband and 2 friends of ours from Able2know ran a 5K race today. I came in last of our group and I was probably last of everybody who ran, but that doesn’t matter a lot to me.

Last year, I finished my first 5K (I did six that year) in about an hour and 4 minutes. Today I finished in 40 minutes and a few miscellaneous seconds (8?). I intend to run eight of then this year.

So far, so good.