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SEO, Continued

SEO Continued – (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy)

So, yesterday I put together more of an SEO strategy. Er, SEO continued, that is.

The Mechanics

SEO continued (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy)

This is tabs and tabs of an Excel spreadsheet as I think about what I really want to do with all of this.

So, it’s becoming more obvious is that I’ve got major ambitions and there aren’t enough hours in a day in which I can accomplish them.

To really make a good site, a beautifully designed one with awesome SEO and kick-bun content, means engaging something like 50 people to do it.

Egad. I’m organized and I’m energetic and I’ve got time these days, but I’m not 50 people.

How Did I Get SEO Continued and Working for Me?

This is a source of a bit of stress, to be sure, but it’s also a challenge. How can I leverage what I’ve already got? So, how can I use my organizational skills to make things easier on myself? And how can I set up some things which will run on their own, thereby saving me time? So, what’s the timing of, well, of all of it?

I’m very excited about this whole venture. Plus, I actually got a little Google traffic yesterday! Yay!

I’ve only been on Google for maybe 3 days. Holy cow. This stuff really works.

I have a billion things to do. Oh and I’m running in a 5K in a week. If I could do web development while running, I would.

Eight Years Later, More SEO Continued

Well, the truth is, this stuff never, ever stops. And that even includes what I am doing right now, which is fixing SEO on older blog posts and organizing them better. Yet every year, I learn more. Hell, every day. It also helps a lot to be working with someone who knows their way around SEO. So, I can see what’s working. And how to fix whatever isn’t.

Onward and sideways.