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Putting the Social Back into Social Media

Janet Gershen-Siegel is a Social Media Specialist based in Boston, with over a decade of experience as a Community Manager, a law degree and a flair for training and making presentations.
She has special expertise in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, yet also has analytical experience with Excel, Hyperion/Brio and Access, and is even admitted to the New York Bar.

Social Media Marketing Philosophy and Strategy

Take a look at her social media blog for tips and philosophy on social media marketing and more!

Social media marketing is a two-way conversation. Companies and customers should be not only talking but also listening to one another. A community arises when more than two people talk about something. It can be small and ad hoc, or it can be sprawling. It doesn't have to be forums, though community management is certainly a part of it. It can be a Facebook group or a Twitter list or a blog with readers and commenters. Formality is up to the community and its members. The members can take the community in directions that the company never dreamed of. That kind of letting go can end up being a very good thing indeed.

This is passion.What kind of unconventional heights will you be able to climb today?