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What is it about interview videos? You can picture everything so much better.

For many of these videos, the image quality was less than optimal. Hence, I re-edited with slide shows. This allowed interview subjects to show off their covers (if any). Sound editing is also, at times, uneven.

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Dayton Ward

It was a thrill to speak with New York Times bestselling author Dayton Ward. Dayton is fun and down to earth, and offers great advice. In particular, Dayton has been fortunate enough to be able to quit his day job and become a full-time writer!

Dave Galanter

Dave is another Star Trek tie-in writer. However, unlike Dayton, he has not quite gotten to the point of quitting his day job.

Ronnie Virdi

Ronnie is an independent author just getting started. I wanted to talk to Ronnie in particular because he does a wonderful job marketing his wares. He may be a pantser when it comes to plotting (e. g. he flies by the seat of his pants), but he absolutely plans out and strives to hit milestones. And when one milestone is reached, he pushes himself to the next one, whether it’s sales, word count, the number of reviews, or just trying something he hasn’t done yet.

Covers and Formatting


Sarah Anderson

Sarah is a cover artist, and she takes covers and image work seriously. Her interview was also an introduction to working with other contractors. As writers, we may be writing or signing all manner of documents. These would include not only working with an artist like Sarah, but also working with professional editors, proofreaders, marketers, and, of course, publishers. And maybe even agents.

Andrew Gilmour

Andrew offers insights into coming to writing from an RPG. He also has great tips on formatting for self-publication.

Community Building


Jason Howell

I wanted to talk to Jason for the longest time, because he is all about community. His blog is more like a writers’ salon than anything else I have seen online.



Jody Wheeler

In addition to working in film, Jody owns a small publishing house. You can hear about what it’s like on the other side of the slush pile! Small publishers like Jody want to publish great new books. But they are also overwhelmed with tons of submissions. A word to the wise: follow submission instructions to the letter. They exist for very good reasons.



Michael Stewart

Mike is an intellectual property attorney based in Atlanta. It was great to talk about copyright and fair use. We also got a chance to go over how to issue a DMCA take down notice in case you are the one being copied. Legal advice is, of course, expensive, and this interview is not intended to take the place of a consultation. But I hope it will get everyone thinking about how best to protect themselves online.

More to come!

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