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A Collection of Inspiration Videos

So, here are some inspiration videos to help you get through NaNoWriMo or any other dry or somewhat dry writing spell. Banish the creative drought for good with some prompts!

For every kind of inspirational drought, a prompt can get you going again. Sometimes, it can be a real throwaway story which you never look at again. And at other times, you can get an inspiration for an entire series.  The idea behind these prompts (and the other videos) is to give a wide variety. Or you can opt for one or even all of them, and in any order which works for you.

Now, there are very few limits here – although limitations can sometimes spur creativity as well. The idea, rather, is to offer up a veritable smorgasbord of prompt words or phrases or opening lines.

However, if none of these writing prompts work for you, then do not fret! Instead, hit the Contact page and tell me what works best for you. I am more than happy to consider your request and record a new video. Because what works for you might prove to be incredibly inspirational for me, too!

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Inspiration Videos About Starting lines

Therefore, here are some starting line prompts. Since sometimes all you need is a first line to get you going.


However, what are some taste prompts? Because sometimes it’s an overlooked sense when writing. So let’s explore taste and flavor.


So everybody complains about the weather. But are you going to write about it?

Types of people

So do different character types really make a difference? Hence let’s explore some different kinds of characters.

Aging characters and inspiration

Grab Bag of Inspiration Videos

Finally, here is a place from prompts which don’t seem to fit in anywhere else.

So do you want more video prompts? Go to the channel.