Putting the Social Back into Social Media

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Let’s put the social back.

Putting the Social Back into Social Media

First of all, I am a Social Media Specialist based in Boston, with over twenty years of experience as a Community Manager, a law degree, and a flair for training and making presentations. Plus I have special expertise in Hyperion/Brio, Stratum, Excel and Access, yet I am also an avid blogger, tweeter and social networker.

I am admitted to the New York Bar. And I have my Master’s of Science in Interactive Media (Social Media) from Quinnipiac University, where I graduated with an honest to goodness 4.0 GPA.

Social Media Marketing

My social media knowledge springs from somewhat unconventional roots. After all, in my resume you’ll discover a cross-functional background in law, data analysis, publishing, financial services, insurance and voice recognition. Exactly how many people can say that?

The biography is eclectic, but my starting points to social media and inbound marketing bring not only uniqueness to the table, but also a richness of experience. I can analyze data and make reports, including from Google Analytics, or from your own systems, using SQL. Because I can read legalese, and even write it.

Plus I can make presentations to any size audience, with no fear of public speaking whatsoever. I can blog and tweet. I can train. And I can grow an online community from scratch, and can manage that community. Plus I can manage personnel remotely. I can motivate volunteers. And I can make a commitment and really stick to it.

Philosophy and Strategy

Social media marketing is about more than just social networking and shiny new platforms.

Putting the Social Back into Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are fun, to be sure. So are TikTok, Mastodon, and every bright, shiny new place.

Blogs are helpful, too. But there should be more to inbound marketing than getting your company’s name or product represented in these places. It’s about authenticity.

It is about setting aside a good chunk of the old marketing playbook, and embracing new ideas. Plus it’s about Return on Investment (ROI), and measuring results so that you know what’s really working – or isn’t.

It’s about customer engagement, and building true communities. And it’s about bringing the customer and the company together in new and different ways. Unconventional ones, if you will. It’s about bringing the social back.

Talk it Out

Social media marketing is about a two-way conversation, and that means that companies and customers should be not only talking but also listening to one another. When a customer says a product is bad, or a service stinks, how does the company react? Damage control? Cover up? Fear? Hope that it just goes away somehow?

How about being courteous and approachable? How about facing the problem head on? Or how about … apologizing? And how about listening to the customer and really getting to the root of the issue? How about having a … conversation?

Putting the Social Back into Online Communities

Because a community arises when more than two people talk about something. Anything, really!

It can be small and ad hoc, or it can be sprawling. Because it doesn’t have to be forums, although community management is certainly a part of it. Or it can be a Facebook group or even a Twitter list or a blogger and his or her followers and commenters.

Its formality is up to the company, but also up to its members. Because sometimes, perhaps often, the members can take the community in directions that the company never dreamed of. And that can end up being a very good thing indeed.

Blog Like a Boss

I am a professional blogger and landing page writer. My writing includes articles, too! These are on such topics as laws for small businesses, and the Merit Systems Protection Board. Other topics include ways for companies to get financing and whether politics should be a consideration when getting business money.

Give me something to write, or to edit, and I am usually a pretty happy person. However, I do like some direction! So an idea of the readers of the post, your keyword target, and word count? Those all go a long, long way.

It’s not that I can’t write up something on my own. It is more that I want to do it for you, and correctly, the first time. But the topic, for the most part, is of no concern to me. I’ll just research whatever I don’t know already.

Social Media Services

So, what can I do for you as a Social Media Specialist? I mean apart from create a community from scratch, manage it and report on it, of course. I can also use business intelligence to learn how to better interact with your customers, and to measure and increase your ROI. And I can help to market your product or service through natural, dynamic conversations with your customers and your potential customers.

That’s bringing the social back, too.

Also, I can write blog and Twitter copy, and I can polish prose. And I can shape your community’s growth through off-topic (yes, off-topic!) discussions. Because they are the cornerstone of any community truly getting legs. In addition, I can train your company how to interact in this new environment.

Plus I can confidently and professionally present findings to your Board. And I am more organized than most people you’ll ever meet. I am online at the crack of dawn because I like it. It’s the best time to engage in Community Management. For me, this is love. This is what I truly, madly, deeply love.

This is passion.

Community Management and Social Networking are in my blood. What kind of unconventional heights will you be able to climb today? Just ask!