The ideal number of characters in a LinkedIn status update is 50-100.
Quinnipiac Assignment 14 – ICM 527 – Real World versus Academics and RPIE This week, the focus […]
Quinnipiac Assignment 10 – ICM 527 – Program Evaluation Program Evaluation This week’s readings were about evaluating […]
Should Journalism Be Data Driven? For my final project for Quinnipiac University’s Social Media Analytics class, I […]
I had wanted so much to avoid tweeting or blogging or otherwise amplifying the signal around the Gaza situation. But this assignment more or less forced my hand.
This week in class, we prepared HTML code with semantic categories and we also wrote about Google’s […]
Quinnipiac Assignment #09 – Semantic Search For the ninth week of class, we talked about semantic search, […]
Quinnipiac Assignment #08 – NESN SEO Once again, I reviewed NESN. But this time, it was in […]
This week's assignment was to either write an essay or record a video about a problem that a company was having with being found online. Quinnipiac Assignment #07 – A Crash Course in SEO The company chosen was the Miami Seaquarium, which I have never been to, but apparently they are located near Key Biscayne.
Quinnipiac Assignment #06 – NESN Key Indicators This week, our video assignment was about  Key Performance Indicators. […]