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Character Review — Lex Feldman

Consider Lex Feldman, One of My Original Characters

Who is Lex Feldman?

Lex Feldman is a kind of nervous but ultimately good person who gets Marnie to loosen up in some ways—and straighten up and fly right in others. He is an important character in the Enigman Cave Universe.

Where Did Lex Feldman Come From?

I went with Lex because I was watching reruns of The Tribe! The characters, of course, are rather different. For one thing, my Lex isn’t a jerk.

The Past is Prologue — Backstory for Lex Feldman

Competition for spots on wedge ships like the Valentina Tereshkova was fierce. Lex tried for the Chief Veterinarian job, but lost out to Tom Ciorciari. He was also breaking up with his last truly serious relationship before Marnie. For Lex, getting away to space is a way to heal.

But he can also spread his wings and become his own person.


I see Oscar winner Adrien Brody here. It’s important for me to, in general, have Jewish actors playing Jewish characters. So, here we are.

He’s attractive but not 100% conventionally. I also love the idea of him being this twig of a person—in love with Marnie, who is anything but a twig.


For Lex, most of his motivation is to be there for Marnie and support her in everything she does. But he testifies for the side seeking to prove Enigmans are not intelligent.

When she chooses him to come along for First Contact, part of it is for moral support. But he’s also there to essentially represent the animal side of things. Even with Enigman sapience essentially proven, there’s always a smidgen of doubt.


The scene: the hearing to try to prove Enigman intelligence. Here, Lex is cross-examined by Counselor Terry Lynn Shull. Hunter Garcia is serving as a magistrate.

Terry Lynn said, “Tell me, Doctor, do gorillas make gestures?”

“They do, and they can make gesture sequences, too.”

“Do they have a language?”

“We’re not sure.”

“Doctor, what’s a gorilla’s IQ?”

Lex motioned to his tablet and Hunter nodded. Lex clicked around a little. “Maybe seventy to ninety, but that’s just Koko, a gorilla who was taught to use American Sign Language. Gorillas without known sign language don’t necessarily have a measurable IQ, and Koko could have been mainly making herself look good.”

“How so?” Terry Lynn asked.

“She may have figured out that making gestures would get her what she wanted, but she didn’t necessarily truly comprehend much of what she was signing. If she signed for juice, let’s say, and she kept getting juice, she probably learned making a particular sequence of hand gestures meant she would get a cup of juice. But it might just be like a dog barking to ‘speak’ and then getting a treat. Both animals realize that if they do X, then Y happens. But it does not necessarily mean Koko understood that her sign for juice really designated juice. It’s not possible to tell if Koko understood it was a representation for the concept of juice.”

“What’s a dog’s IQ, Doctor?”

“Dog intelligence isn’t really measured like ours. It’s measured more in terms of problem solving, learning, and thinking. Cognitive processes, as it were.”

“Are Enigmans smarter or dumber than dogs, Doctor?”

“I have no idea.”


Amy Allenby

Lex and Amy knew each other as children, and were on and off again for years. Marnie is particularly surprised when Amy writes to Lex and refers to him as Alec.

But Amy wants to stay in the Solar System, and she wants children. So, she and Lex part ways.

With very little on her, even I can only conjecture. But he does at one point say she really did a number on him.

In all honesty, though, I have no idea of the specifics—and I created these characters!

Marnie Shapiro

When Marnie first walks into the Veterinary while he’s on duty, he’s nervous and clumsy, dropping a paper towel roll multiple times. For a junior guy used to working the night shift, a visit from the captain is a novelty. And, he already thinks she’s attractive.

When they go to Enigma (Tom is too shocked by finding chlorophyll and feels it’s all too much), they get overly excited when they first life. And that leads to kisses.

Conflict and Turning Point

As with the other characters in The Enigman Cave, Lex feels the change come when Carter takes over in the Solar System in a bloody coup d’etat. But unlike many of the other characters seen in the book, he doesn’t get a chance to declare his stance.

In that way, I treat him like Sharon Townshend and Charlie Hill. But his stand should be obvious—he’s as appalled and angered as Marnie is.

Continuity/Easter Eggs

I don’t really have much continuity for him. He’s basically just a solid, dependable love interest.

Future Plans

Since he won’t be in the prequel, I don’t rightly know if/when I will bring him back. But he is quite literally a supporting character. I don’t see him as being the stuff of his own stories. But I can be persuaded by the right idea…

Lex Feldman: Takeaways

Caring, smart, nervous, and in over his head, Lex gives Marnie someone in her life who will give back all the caring she exudes to the crew. Because Ben Chase sure as hell never did.

Want more character reviews? Stay tuned!

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