Amie Sikes, who I see as Trixie LaRue
Her accent comes from a few places. I learned about London, Kentucky when I used to have a job auditing law firms across the country. But I never had occasion to go there. But her voice? Her accent? Those come from the late mother of my best friend in high school. She had that fabulous accent and was one of the kindest people I have ever known.
Elisabeth Shue, who may be Marnie Shapiro
Like other characters named Shapiro, Marnie is a callback across universes. Her middle name, Robin, ties in with Robin McKenna, a pivotal character in the Time Addicts series. Marnie is also a Bostonian, although I don't outline that well enough.
The Enigman Cave Marnie Shapiro The Enigman Cave Universe
“Remember where you were, remember what you were thinking and, and how you felt,” Marnie said to them. “Because this is goddamned history.”
Surprises 42 and Beyond Self-Review Adventures in Career Changing
Marnie and company are on their way back to Earth. So it is not going to be easy going. Marnie is well aware the reception they get might not be such a great one. In fact, it could even be a death trap.