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My First Hosted Event

This Was My First Hosted Event

I suppose this would be true about anyone’s first hosted event.

I am a tad nervous.

My company is sponsoring an event tonight. It is a Meetup for Tech Crunch, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in Harvard Square. The venue is John Harvard’s Brew House on 33 Dunster Street. Grab a map, in case you want to follow along.

I have clothes picked out. And I have packed the camera. I hope the batteries work. I even saved up a bunch of calories.
Because I want very much for this to go well.


At 8 PM, I will be taking a deep breath and plunging in. Big smile, business cards at the ready, DyIO ready to rock and roll. Only a few butterflies.

Over Twelve Years Later…

Well, things have changed considerably from my first hosted event. For one thing, Neuron Robotics is no more. But such is the way of the universe.

It is with this kind of a latter day perspective where I can see the holes in the company.

But not the holes in our strategy. Because, truly, it was—strategy? What strategy?

Yeah, we were that green.

If I Had it to Do All Over Again (the First Hosted Event and More)

I don’t think the first hosted event was the real problem. Rather, it was that the rest of how we ran the startup was.

No plan. And no one even coming up with one. It was a lot of throwing jello against a wall. And, very little of that ever stuck.

Also, there was no money person. Because even a startup with a shoestring bootstrap budget needed someone to wield a checkbook. Or, at least, to turn out their pockets and tell everyone that there was no more cash to be had.

In short, someone had to be the adult in the room.

And in retrospect, it probably should have been me.

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