The biggest and most measurable benefit is that it keeps you writing. You can often spark creativity by simply being creative, that is, you write five or seven days per week, and you can fill up that writing time fairly readily. But if you only write three times per month, you may find you have writers' block when you make the infrequent attempt. There is something about the pressure of deadlines or at least the pressure of your own internal expectations. It helps to not have a blank page to stare at all the time.
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Never, ever use the word 'by' unless you are referring to an 'edited by' line. Otherwise, just use your name as the author name. Don't believe me? Go to a bookstore or Amazon and look at what's out there.
Adventures in Career Changing | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Longest Night Watch 2
Last year, it was Terry Pratchett. But this year it was Gene Wilder. And now we have also learned Terry Jones of Monty Python is afflicted. Because this disease shows no mercy. As much as we love these entertainers (and Jones is a medieval studies scholar), Alzheimer's just plain does not care. But we do.
The country still has a long way to go in terms of guaranteeing employees privacy in social media accounts. Hence we all need to look out more.
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Adventures in Career Changing | Color Theory, Part 2 | Orange
Your computer generates colors based on combinations of basic colors. These are written in RGB (red-green-blue) or hexadecimal. Once you know the code, you can replicate any color.
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What are the best lengths for social media posts? his homage to a 2014 article from Buffer proves that the evergreen ideas are still the best. So, what's the best length? Find out inside.
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