Genre Treatments First Quarter 2021
Horror often slows down, and then speeds up. Mystery might take a while to build to a satisfactory conclusion. Furthermore, mysteries contain red herrings. Myths might contain repetition. Some of that comes from oral tradition. Humor is all about timing. Drama can often be slow and building. Traditional poetry may have a sing-song rhythm. Adventure might have a fairly straightforward line from beginning to end, continually amping up the stakes.
Scene Setting Beta reading
For Untrustworthy, the people and the scene were both so utterly unfamiliar that I needed more familiar touchstones. This meant adding a central river which characters had to cross using bridges. It also meant creating a new form of going, the transportation sleigh. A reader even asked me if Caboss is a snowy world. And I'm still not sure! But all these alien things have familiarity baked right in. We all know what sleighs and bridges are. This made it easier for a reader to connect to what went on in that book.
As a kind of personal 'tell' and Easter egg in my works, every longer piece (except for Untrustworthy, as none of those characters are human), somebody is named Shapiro.
Make sure your dialogue tags are correct and your dialogue makes sense. Body language attributives are helpful, as they keep a conversation from turning into a festival of talking heads.
Adventures in Career Changing | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Bad Reviews
No matter how bad your review is, it will still be listed on your reviewer page on Amazon (yes, they exist; just click on a reviewer's name). This is a small spreading of news/linking back, and it will be helpful—almost no matter what you say. Almost.
Adventures in Career Changing | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Middling Reviews
Because this is not a negative review, you can add some length to it. But because it's not unremittingly positive, it does not have to be lengthy. The ideal length is probably about 50 to 100 words. If you want to say more, contact the writer in private. For self-published works, editing and republishing are usually pretty easy. Hence if you find a glaring translation error, the writer can fix it. You can save the day with your review.
Adventures in Career Changing | Janet Gershen-Siegel | Positive Reviews - Trust Agents
Just saying you loved a piece is not enough. It's better than nothing, of course. But you, too, are a writer. You can do better than that!
Lonely Writer - PitMad
Have you ever heard of #pitmad? What is #pitmad? Are you asking - how does PitMad work? What are the #pitmad hashtags? Then look inside.
Adventures in Career Changing | What is an Editor | Janet Gershen-Siegel
Yes, a publisher will edit your work. But if your work is impossible to read, due to typos, improper punctuation, spelling errors, etc., then it's highly likely the person(s) who passes along manuscripts from the slush pile for further consideration will just toss yours into the circular file.
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Descriptions All about descriptions Descriptions are a must. You need them for any type of writing beyond the […]