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Yes, a publisher will edit your work. But if your work is impossible to read, due to typos, improper punctuation, spelling errors, etc., then it's highly likely the person(s) who passes along manuscripts from the slush pile for further consideration will just toss yours into the circular file.
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Descriptions All about descriptions Descriptions are a must. You need them for any type of writing beyond the […]
editing part 2 - How to Edit a Manuscript
Editing Part 2 More Editing Editing Part 2! So last time, we looked at some general issues […]
Editing | Adventures in Career Changing | First Quarter 2020
Editing Part 1 What’s this All About? Editing in a Nutshell Check out editing part 1. If […]
Bechdel test
After all, when was the last time you thought a male character should only be discussing relationships? When was the last time you thought he shouldn't have a name (unless the character is truly minor, seen for a paragraph or two and no more)? And when was the last time you thought it was okay—barring any specific all-distaff settings like sororities or women's colleges—to not see more than one of them in a piece?
NaNoWriMo Adventures in Career Changing
Writing a novel in November, or during the NaNoWriMo Camp months of April and July? Here are some basic tips to keep your sanity – and your word count going up.
NaNoWriMo Adventures in Career Changing
I've often heard that, to succeed, you need to visualize success. But I don't do that. Rather, I visualize failure. And then I do everything in my power to avert and avoid catastrophe.
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Blurbs, Queries, Teasers, and Elevator pitches Among blurbs, queries, teasers, and elevator pitches – which is which? […]
Scene Setting Beta reading
By working with a three-tiered scene and character system, both you and the writer can focus better. If Betty the Barista is important, then the story really needs to focus on her dark eyes, her jaunty beret, and the rose tattoo on her left shoulder. If she's just seen in passing, then she probably doesn't even need to have a name.
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Beta Reading Beta reading is both an art and a science, I feel. There are good ways […]